S.K Interpart Part.,Ltd. is the manufacturer who make and design machinery for cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry and dairy equipment, we provide installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultancy and other services.

Our main products are vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machines, reverse osmosis water treatment machines, mobile homogenizer mixer, laboratory Homogenizer Mixer, mixing tank, hot tank, and all kinds of stainless steel tanks, soap machi, filling machines, conveyor system, pipe system, cooling/chilling system, pump, all of which are of reliable quality and good effect. We have more than 30 years’ experience in machinery manufacturing and our products have been entered into domestic and overseas markets. The diverse products of high quality can meet various needs of industries mentioned above.

S.K Interpart Part.,Ltd. “We are always be with every step towards your goal”



Become a partner to create a business for startups, SME and support to all company


Focus on production, design, installation of products for maximum efficiency on time, flexible to solve problems and respond to customer needs.


Develop and expand production, design and service both in thailand and oversea. To be most efficient and fast to meet the needs of customers.